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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - December 12th, 2002

WWE Smackdown
December 12th, 2002
Atlanta, GA
Replays of last week’s Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie thing open the show. Dawn is basically trying to seduce Torrie into sleeping with her and she won’t marry her father if she does.. “Your father isn’t the only Wilson I’m interested in...” 

TONIGHT: Edge & Kurt Angle vs. Big Show & Albert + Scott Steiner signs with Smackdown 

1) Rikishi vs. B-2 (w/ John Cena) 
Last week, Taz choked out John Cena when he & B-2 jumped Rikishi after their rap battle. Rikishi & B-2 basically just slug it out for a few minutes. Cena tries to interfere and Rikishi takes care of him. This distracts the ref and B-2 hits a low blow, but gets caught trying to use his belt which allows Cena to wrap his chain around his fist and smack Rikishi in the head which leads B-2 to victory. 

Match rating - **

One of the makeup artists catches Torrie Wilson walking into the arena and says Dawn Marie has been spreading nasty rumors about what happened in the hotel room between them last week after Smackdown went off the air.

Brock Lesnar signed autographs earlier today in Atlanta and apparently something happened and they will show us when we return from commercials.

Before that can happen, Heyman walks into Steph’s office with Big Show. They’re pissed about the tag match tonight, Steph tells them to leave until she’s done with a phone call. Show gets pissed but she & Heyman get him to step outside. 

2) Bill Demott vs. Shannon Moore 

I guess this Bill Demott thing is gonna be an every week thing for now.. GREAT. He’s such a gross individual. Poor Shannon Moore has to do the job for him here. 

Match rating - * 

Steph allows Show & Heyman into her office. She apologizes for the wait but is excited because it’s a big night and she’s signing Scott Steiner tonight BUT HEYMAN DONT GIVE A DAMN. Steph basically says Brock’s suspension is lifted following Armageddon this Sunday. Heyman is yelling and it’s hilarious. 

3) Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo Guerrero) (c) vs. Chris Benoit & Billy Kidman - WWE Tag Team Title Match

Benoit is pissed bc Eddie cost him the chance to challenge for the WWE Title last week. Kidman beat Chavo last week. So here we are. This is all about Benoit wanting to get his hands on Eddie and the Guerrero’s isolating Kidman to prevent that. Benoit gets in and locks Eddie in the cross face and we go to an abrupt commercial. Apparently Eddie taps during the break, but the ref didn’t see it so now we are somehow back to Los Guerreros working over Kidman. Kidman breaks free and gets Benoit in, but the ref doesn’t see it and tries to stop Benoit, but Benoit comes in and throws the Guerreros around. For some reason the ref counts for him even though they just did a spot where he “didn’t see the tag” idk this whole thing was a lot of fun but had some hellacious miscues. Eddie pins Kidman using the ropes off a missed shooting star press. 

Match rating - **1/4

Torrie finds Dawn Marie backstage and yells at her about the rumors and tells her to get to the ring and hold up her end of the bargain by breaking off the wedding with her father Al Wilson. 

Dawn goes to the ring and acts if she is gonna break it off, but doesn't and says she still wants to be with Al. Dawn & Torrie brawl. Dawn promises to show her & Torrie's tape at the Armageddon PPV on Sunday.

4) Crash vs. Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia)

This doesn't go long before Noble's "cousin" Nunzio showed up and beat Crash's ass which obviously called for the DQ. Nidia isn't happy about this. The crowd starts an ECW chant andddd yeah. 

A limo arrives back stage and apparently it's Scott Steiner. 

Steph goes to the ring with Steiner's contract. Steiner says despite what everyone thinks Steph failed to deliver on that night they left Raw in the limo together. Steph said she would deliver what she offered as a signing bonus. Steiner says why not now and basically lays Steph on the table. Steph gets him off and says no, not in public because she’s not that type of woman. Steiner basically says he’s not signing because she’s a liar. Steiner tells his freaks that he has their hookup on Raw. Steiner leaves and ERIC BISCHOFF, the Raw GM meets him at the curtain with a smile. After a month of back and forth, I guess it’s finally official where Steiner will land. 

Backstage, Kurt Angle interrupts an Edge interview to ask if he can trust him tonight as they team against Big Show & A Train. 

5) The Big Show & A-Train vs. Edge & Kurt Angle

This was actually kinda good. Show & Albert isolated Edge which built to an Angle hot tag where he hit a fucking Angle slam on Show which got a huge pop. Heyman was awesome at ringside. Edge had some fiery moments. When all is said and done though the heels win. Train assaults Angle post match. 

Match rating - **1/2 

It’s Show/Angle and Edge/A Train in singles action in just a few days at the Armageddon PPV. 

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