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WWE: 205 Live Review - January 1st, 2021

WWE: 205 Live
January 1st, 2021

Commentators - Nigel McGuinness & Vic Joseph

WHOA, hello! Here's my every 4 months or so 205 Live Review. It all began just because the six man tag main event peaked my interest so let's just review the whole thing it's only two friggin matches. 

Mansoor competes to open the show, but first! Cameras followed him back to Saudia Arabia on his trip home for the holidays. 

1) Jake Atlas vs. Mansoor

I love Jake Atlas. This was a super well worked match. Atlas targeted the neck of Mansoor and Mansoor targeted the leg/knee of Atlas. They kept focus on both of those things all match and kept me into it from bell to bell so I'd say that's a win. Atlas hits a big brainbuster for a two count and goes to the second rope only to eat a dragon screw from Mansoor followed by a pinning combo with the leg wrapped up for the three count. 

Match rating - **3/4

2) Curt Stallion & Ever-rise vs. Ariya Davari & The Bollywood Boys

This was a fuckin hoot! I just saw a six man tag and figured it'd be worth a look and it sure was. Everrise is the former 3.0, a Canadian team that I used to watch on the Indies years ago so seeing them again was a blast, as was this match as a whole. These guys showed they deserve some opportunities on NXT for sure. With Everrise and The Bollywood Boys being in the upcoming Dusty Cup, it also built some excitement for that. Stallion & Everrise win a super fun trios contest. Nothing to write home about, but for something on this show to actually feel like it has some life to it is a feat in itself.

Match rating - ***

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