Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sting: Does WWE Need Him?

For months, rumors have been swirling about the supposed negotiation process going on between Sting and WWE. From him being shown on the WWE Network to the news of a DVD being produced on him - it's been report after report on where they are in the process of signing Sting to a deal.

The rumors were fueled again this past Tuesday when Sting tweeted simply "7-14-14", which is the date of next week's episode of Raw. Some are saying that he will debut on Monday night while others say it's just gonna be a WWE 2k15 announcement. Either way, the conversation about Sting in WWE has been more rampant in recent days than it's ever been.

If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably noticed that through all these rumors about Sting signing, I haven't really made a comment about it. That's actually what led me to write this article - to give my personal opinion on the situation as well as what I think would best for business for WWE regarding this situation.

The fact that I have barely tweeted about it basically speaks for my opinion in itself - I don't care.

And the truth is why should I care if Sting signs to WWE? He's been in TNA for the past eight years and I've watched him slowly dwindle down as he's gotten up in age. I honestly don't believe has anything to offer WWE.

That's just my personal opinion, now lets look at an unbiased question. Does WWE need Sting? or Does WWE just want Sting badly? I think it's the latter.

WWE wants Sting for what they love. Attention. They want a quick boost in ratings that will most likely only last for the first week or two that's he's on the show. Shoudn't WWE be putting their full focus on working with their loaded talent roster to create a group of stars that will keep WWE's rating's high on a regular basis?

I just don't think bringing Sting in is worth the time anymore. Five or six years ago? Maybe so. I've never been a fan of him, but a match between him and Undertaker would have been cool plus Sting was in way better ring shape back then. So my opinion aside, if this was 2006-2008, I'd be all for it. But it's 2014. Sting isn't what he used to be and Undertaker isn't doing good. Why bring him in and do that match if it will just be a flop?

I've been following WWE for years and I have come to realize that they love doing things like this. Bringing people back for nostalgia purposes and for a quick boost in ratings and/or buyrates. And most of the time they'll give them a big push over full time talent too. WWE jumps at these opportunities for some reason. And things like this are fine, but now is not the time.

Why isn't now the time? Look at all the problems that WWE has on their hands right now. They are lacking top stars yet again. Punk left. Bryan's hurt and out indefinitely. It's back to the same old guys, Cena and Orton. If they don't push someone new to the top quick, I fear we will see what happened at the Royal Rumble all over again. The crowd will just reject whatever WWE puts in the main event scene if it doesn't involve a bright young star such as Reigns, Rollins, or Ambrose. WWE needs to build more main event, top caliber SUPERSTARS. As much as I hate to say that word, WWE is lacking them right now. Don't get me wrong, the talent is there. Wyatt is HOT and uber talented. Reings is over. So is Ambrose. Rollins is getting tons of heat. But WWE needs to take a risk and do something to solidfy them as main event guys soon, becaue they are lacking in that department.

The next set of problems WWE is facing are financial problems. I don't know all the details, but it's no secret that WWE has lost money with the WWE Network and that their stocks dropped tremendously. On top of that, talent are upset with royalty checks and new rules that WWE has implented which make the workplace extremely strict.

All of these are things that WWE needs to be putting their time, energy, and talent into. NOT bringing back a man in his mid 50's. When I see the repeated reports of "updates" on the negotiation, I can't help but get aggravated.

I sit up for three hours watching a mediocre Raw only to get online the next day and see more updates on where WWE stands in their negotiation with Sting. It just makes you pull a page out of The Miz's book and say "Really?" You have a more talented roster than you've had in years and you're worried about bringing in a 50+ year old man who may not even be able to work a match.

It's just like WWE is putting way too much time into something that only has minor/temporary benefits. If they are spending as much time on it as it seems, it's no wonder the product isn't consistently good. The Raw after Mania was great, the next two months were dull, the episode from two weeks ago was great, then last week's was a step down from that. No consistency.

If WWE could strike a deal with Sting for a few appearances or whatever and maybe a match, fine. I don't personally care either way. But what I do care about is WWE putting all their work into Sting rather than the amazing talent on their roster. That's where I draw the line and start complaining.

The bottom line is this. If WWE hasn't yet struck a deal with Sting. I think they should just stop. They've already spent half the year trying to work with him. That's more than enough time. Please stop sacrificing your time working on quality storylines and young talent to try and sign a guy, who to be blunt, is washed up.

Before I finish, I do want to give WWE credit where it's due. Although I'm not a fan of Hogan, they handled his return PERFECTLY. They negotiated a deal and signed him fairly quickly thus not wasting time. Used him only when needed in logical situations for a talent of his age and legendary status. Thus it was successful. If they can do that with Sting (which it seems they can't considering how long it's taken to even make a deal) as easy as they did with Hogan then I'm fine with him making his WWE debut, but WWE is putting way too much work into something that won't matter in the long run.

And to answer the question in the article title. No, WWE doesn't NEED Sting. They have a lot of awesome young talent and are destined for a bright future. Does WWE want Sting? Obviously. But sometimes you have to let go of something you want for things you need such as a more consistent product.

With that being said, that's your Pro Wrestling Truth for the week.

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