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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review - July 18th, 2014

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review - July 18th, 2014

The show opens up with a verbal exchange between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Great stuff from both guys as expected. This feud is one of the main reasons I tune into WWE TV every week. Ambrose vs Kane is set up for later in the night.

1) Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz & Fandango
Here we have four guys who will be in the 20 Man Battle Royal at Battleground facing off in tag team action. This was much better than I expected. Ziggler was the highlight here like always. I'm tempted to say that he has been the standout guy on Smackdown all year because he's had so many great matches on the show in the past six months. He put in another good performance here along with the other three men and the result was a solid tag team match.

2) Alicia Fox vs. Eva Marie - Special Referee: Nikki Bella
Fox and Marie attacked Nikki after only a few minutes in. This was suspected to be set up on purpose by Stephanie. This was good storyline development, but was pretty boring for the most part. I do like the Stephanie/Bella storyline though. Can't wait to see where it goes.

3) Chris Jericho vs. Luke Harper
This match is the reason I decided to tune in to Smackdown tonight. Harper has been delivering in every match he's been involved in all year. From his outstanding bouts against John Cena to his tag matches - Harper has proved himself to be a future star. This was another starmaking performance for Harper as he and Jericho worked very well together. I didn't really like the ending, but aside from that this was a really good match. I hope we see a rematch in the future because this was great.

4) Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston
We've seen these two wrestle so many times that most everyone writes them off as soon as they have a match, but Del Rio and Kingston do work well together. If you can get past the fact that they've faced so many times before and that there's no reason to care about this match - you may enjoy it. Solid effort from both men. I always enjoy watching Del Rio and he impressed once again here with a vicious double foot stomp to the chest of Kingston off the top turnbuckle. Solid outing, but nothing worth going out of your way to see.

5) Paige & AJ Lee vs. Summer Rae & Layla
First off I'll say that the Bo Dallas/Fandango segment is worth going back and watching because of how hilarious it was. Glad Dallas got featured because I always enjoy his segments. So funny. As for the match, it was nothing special, but it did what it set out to do which was to further the Paige/AJ storyline.

6) Dean Ambrose vs. Kane
This is another one of those matches we've seen multiple times so most people bash it immediately including myself. Despite that, this was surprisingly entertaining while it lasted, but it had the ever predictable DQ finish as Rollins attacked Ambrose with the briefcase. I enjoy anything with those two involved though so the closing segment was nice as Rollins hit a curb stomp on Ambrose on the steel steps.

Overall thoughts: This was your basic Smackdown which sadly isn't anything to write home about. You had rematches and replays galore which doesn't interest most people. Jericho/Harper was easily the highlight of the show. The match as well as the promo from Bray beforehand. Other than that, there's nothing really worth going back to see if you missed the show tonight. Everything else was basically filler to keep every story flowing as we go into Battleground this Sunday.

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