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TNA Impact Wrestling Review - July 3rd, 2014

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - July 3rd, 2014
The show opened with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe in the ring. They are two of the most intense guys on the roster and that normally carries over into their promos so this was an awesome opening segment. It looks like they're setting up a feud between Joe & Angle once Kurt can compete again. That's something I'd love to see one final too. None the less, this was a great opening segment.

1) The Wolves vs. Zema Ion & Jesse vs. Knux & The Freak - TNA World Tag Team Championship
Nice action packed triple threat tag match to get the show going. Some cool spots here such as Knux & The Freak hip tossing Zema over the top rope onto The Wolves and Jesse on the outside. This was a very entertaining tag match that went about 10 minutes. Fun bout.

2) Bobby Roode vs. Kenny King - Street Fight
This was set up after King attacked Roode earlier in the show. The two began fighting up near the entrance way and battled up some stairs into the second level of the arena where Roode dropped King to the floor from the balcony. The bout finally got back in the ring where a steel chair became involved. Roode powerslammed King on the chair for the victory. Decent little match. Entertaining. Nice to see King working with all this top tier talent as of late. He's bound to be a star and working with all this outstanding talent can only help him become even better of a performer.

Brittany and Madison Rayne had a segment at this point in the show. Brittany swerved everyone by making up with Madison only to beat her down in the end. Good segment that accomplished what it set out to do. Brittany is arguably my favorite Knockout right now. I hope they capitalize on the awesome talent they have with her.

3) Bully Ray vs. EC3 - Tables Match
It seems like TNA has a Tables Match every week or so now. They're really wearing out the gimmick. That aside, this was an okay match. Pretty dull in my opinion, but that's just because all the tables matches that have taken place in recent months have me tired of them. Rhino made his return during the match however which was pretty cool. Definitely the highlight of the match. So this did serve a purpose. Nice surprise.

4) Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim - Knockouts Title Match
I've always found Kim to be one of the best female in-ring workers in any company and that proved to be true once again here. Angelina is okay, but Gail made her look great here. Very good match for the Knockout's Title. Check this one out if you missed it.

5) Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young - TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
A few weeks ago, these two put on a really good match. Unfortunately, they were only given 6-7 minutes to work with here for some reason so this obviously wasn't as good as their previous encounter. They made the best out of what they had to work with though. I just think a big world title rematch should have gotten atleast 15 minutes, but that's just me. Lashley wins in a pretty quick match.

Overall thoughts: I enjoyed the show tonight. The Knockouts Title match was the highlight of the evening with everything else being enjoyable and fun to watch. I only have two real complains about the show tonight. One being the fact that they had Kurt Angle in way too many segments. The guy is good in his new role, but TNA is known for shoving new stories down our throat. They did the same with MVP, King, & Lashley when they first formed. Angle didn't hinder the show though, it was just something I observed. The other complaint is how short the main event was. But overall, I was entertained throughout and they held my attention for the better part of 2 hours. Hopefully TNA continues to improve, but there are still some areas that need work in my opinion. The ground work is there for a big next few weeks and based on what I've read about the shows in NYC, TNA looks to be capitalizing on what they have. Solid show tonight.

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