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IMPACT Wrestling Review - January 13th, 2022

Impact on AXS TV
January 13th, 2022
Dallas, Texas 

Commentators: Tom Hannifan & D-Lo Brown

Well, y’all, I didn’t anticipate to be here, but I am. I watched half of Hard to Kill and the first four matches were so good that I decided to check out Impact itself this week. Let’s see if I even finish this, much less make it to next week. It seems like I have tried to try out Impact once every year for the past 5 and never get hooked, Hard to Kill hooked more than anything has so maybe this time will be different!

The show opens with W. Morrissey heading to the ring to call out Moose. He says he got screwed at Hard to Kill and wants a rematch. Moose doesn’t come out, but instead pops up on screen. He says there will be a title match tonight, but it’s not against Morrissey and that he won’t be getting one at all. Morrissey vows to make sure Moose doesn’t make it to his title defense tonight and charges to the back to look for him. He runs into Scott D’Amore who tells him to calm down and he won’t be messing with the title match. BUT HOLD ON. SOMETHINS HAPPENIN IN THE ARENA~~

At ringside, the ROH invaders from Hard to Kill show up again. Matt Taven takes D-Lo Brown’s headset and they start to rough him up. This ends with PCO hitting two dives on D-Lo on a table. The first didn’t break the table so he does a second one that destroys it. PCO is a maniac. 

1) Chris Bey vs. Laredo Kid 

This is a fun little match. Not quite as good as the four way opener on the pre-show of Hard to Kill, but that had the added excitement of Speedball to make things feel different. This felt like your routine X Division match in Impact circa ‘20-22 which isn’t a bad thing, just what it is. Trey Miguel was on commentary in place of D’Lo and because these are arguably the top two contenders for his X Division title. Nice spotfest ends with a Spanish fly from Laredo Kid getting him the three count.

Match rating - **3/4

Backstage, Eddie Edwards, Rhino, Heath, Willie Mack, & Rich Swann are talking. They’re pissed the ROH guys showed up to attack D’Lo earlier. They decide to split up and go find them. 

Brian Myers is backstage. Some dude named Zicky Dice is with him. He has a world title match tonight and Myers basically tells him he’s in over his head. Zicky gets a huge pizza delivered. Myers takes a slice to eat while he watches him get destroyed by Moose later. 

2) “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Jake Something 

“I’ve been in this company less than a week and I have no idea what the hell is going on.” -Tom Hannifan 

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton are joining the commentary team for this one. SPEEDBALL is here again. First match on Impact TV for him after debuting on the pre-show of Hard to Kill. This is another fun little showcase for him. Jake Something looks awesome also and I hope Impact continues to use him because he rules. Bailey wins with his shooting star knee drop, Ultima Weapon.

Match rating - **1/4

Backstage, Eric Young is trying to convince the Good Brothers to continue teaming with him & Decay. As they are talking, Heath & Rhino are attacked. They act like they are going to help them only to jump them themselves. Bastards.

Back from commercial, Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green talk about their title losses. Chelsea says Matt always sells himself short and that he & she both should be champions right now. Tasha Steelz walks up and says they aren’t champion because shE SNATCHED THAT ISH and seized the moment herself. Green challenges her to a match next week after she insults Cardona. Steelz plays it off so Green shoves her down, refusing to take no for an answer. 

3) Masha Slamovich vs. Vert Vixen

SQUASH for Slamovich. She looks great and destroys Vixen.

Match rating - *3/4 

Josh Alexander comes out as Slamovich is leaving. Alexander is so clearly the ace of this company and it’s so crazy to see considering he was retired / on hiatus a couple years ago from wrestling as a whole. Alexander says he’s had a lot of obstacles on his path back to the Impact World Title. First, Suzuki, then JONAH, but now.. he’s ready to get back his championship. Before he can get too far, though, CHARLIE HAAS shows up in the Impact Zone for the first time ever. Haas says he wants back in the wrestling game and that he’s seen him killing it and he wants a shot. Alexander says he’d be happy to face him AFTER he wins the World Title. Haas swings on Alexander and they start brawling. Security pulls them apart. I didn’t know I wanted this match, but now I do! Really good segment. 

Backstage, Knockouts Champion Mickie James introduces herself to ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C. She warns her that Deonna is the toughest woman she’s ever faced and to be careful tonight. 

4) Moose (c) vs. Zicky Dice (w/ Brian Myers & VSK) - Impact World Championship Match 

SQUASH. 16 second style.

After the bell, W Morrisey who has been looking for Moose all night storms the ring. They came to blows and Morrisey poses with Moose’s title. Morrisey then chokeslams VSK onto Dice as Moose grabs his title back. Staredown and shit. 

5) JONAH vs. Raj Singh 

Another squash. Jonah looks great. Scott D’amore is on commentary and talks about how the PCO, Matt Taven etc unit isn’t here representing ROH, they’re just renegades, unlike Rok-C and Jonathan Gresham. 

Speaking of Jonathan Gresham, when we return from commercial, Steve Maclin interrupts an interview with Gresham. Gresham explains that ROH is all about honor and that’s what he’s here to uphold. Maclin questions Gresham’s honor and Gresham gets pissed and says he’ll give him a title match next week. 

Also next week, Tasha Steelz vs. Chelsea Green, Gallows & Joe Doering vs. Heath & Rhino, and Josh Alexander vs. Charlie Haas. 

5) Rok-C vs. Deonna Purrazzo - Title vs. Title - ROH Women’s Championship & AAA Reina De Reinas Title Match 

Ok so this sort of has a big match feel. ROH’s Ian Riccaboni is on commentary to join Tom and it’s great. Two titles outside of Impact are on the line here. These two women wrestle a very hard fought match. Despite not keeping up with Impact (or ROH), the roles here are clear with Deonna as the heel. Rok-C works from underneath and gets her arm worked over brutally by Deonna. They keep that as the strand of story that is played on until the finish. After some good back & forth and a nice comeback from Rok-C, Deonna catches her in a submission and they do an awesome job selling the drama of a potential tap out before Rok-C finally submits. This was the best match on the show and a very good main event. Deonna is now a double champion once again, as she held the Impact & AAA titles last year now she has the ROH & AAA.

Match rating - ***1/4

After the match, Maria Kanellis shows up. She points at the ROH Women’s Title and says it’s hers and tells Deonna to give it back. Deonna swats her away, but not before Matt Taven, PCO, and the gang show up. Matthew Rehwoldht tries to save Deonna, but the numbers are too much. Deonna bails and Rich Swann & Willie Mack run down. They get beat down too. The renegade ROH contingent stands tall to close the show. 

Well, I’ve reviewed more Impact this year so far than I have in 3-4 years and after a fun episode of TV here, I think I’ll be back with more next week. They’re just on a role and Tom Hannifan is really adding a LOT to their presentation. Good shit, man. See y’all next week!

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