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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - June 5th, 2003

WWE Smackdown 
June 5th, 2003
Anaheim, California 

WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar (since 3/30/03)
WWE Tag Team Champions: Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri (since 5/18/03)
WWE Cruserweight Champion: Matt Hardy (since 2/23/03)

Commentators - Michael Cole & Tazz


Roddy Piper & Sean O’Haire begin the show. Piper attempts to bring out Zach Gowan as a guest on Piper’s Pit. Mr. McMahon comes out instead. He says that he’s gonna give Gowan a chance to live his dream next week. He brings Gowan comes out with Mr. America and Vince says if Gowan can beat him in an arm wrestling competition next week, he can get a contract with WWE. Hogan tries to step up to represent Gowan in the competition, but Vince won’t let him and says “Gowan does have two arms right?” Jeeeeeesus. More leg jokes as Vince leaves after cheapshotting Gowan and Mr. America runs he, Piper, & O’Haire off. 

1) The Undertaker vs. Chuck Palumbo

This is a decent little powerhouse match. Palumbo keeps up with Taker and they play the numbers story with Nunzio & Stamboli repeatedly trying to interfere. Despite all that, Taker is able to maintain control and get the one with the Last Ride.

Match rating - **1/4

After the match, they try to triple team Taker, but they fail miserably and Taker runs them all out of the ring with a chair that Nunzio tried to bring in to use against him. 

RIP Freddie Blassie :/ 

2) Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri vs. The Basham Brothers 

Second week on Smackdown for the Bashams. They’re pretty bland and it’s starting to show, but luckily they’re in there with Eddie & Tajiri who are always great and just so happen to be in the midst of an AWESOME run so this was basically just like plugging the Basham into your standard great Guerrero/Tajiri tag match formula. And to their credit, Doug & Danny are able to play that role just fine. Eddie & Tajiri kill it here and get the win after like 7 minutes? 

Match rating - **1/2

Kurt Angle is out next making his return after two months out due to neck surgery. He’s happy to hear the fans chanting “you suck” again. Angle says there’s someone who checked up on him more than anyone while he was in the hospital, but before he can name him, The Big Show comes out. Show threatens to put Angle back in the hospital. Angle makes some jokes about Show’s breath and Show goes to chokeslam him. Brock Lesnar comes out and runs Show off. Angle gets on the mic and says he didn’t need Brock’s help with Big Show, but it seems like Brock needs help with Big Show because he’s lost to him twice. After some competitively friendly sparring of words, Angle reveals that Lesnar was who had checked up on him and showed genuine concern while he was injured. Angle said Lesnar gave him the best match of his career and earned his respect. Angle thanks Lesnar and they hug. Oh, also, Lesnar said when he beats Show, Angle can get a title match anytime he wants. 

Another Ultimo Dragon hype video airs.

2) Chris Benoit vs. John Cena

This was the definition of a sprint. Just balls to the wall for a few minutes. Cena tries to use his chain, Rhyno runs down and tries to stop him, but accidentally hits Benoit which allows Cena to get the win.

Match rating - **

3) Rikishi & Torrie Wilson vs. Jamie Noble & Nidia 

Rikishi is always paired with people randomly as fuck. Rikishi also has the same match in all of those matches and this is the same. It’s almost like they just plug everyone else into his formula. Noble bucks up to Rikishi early which is funny. Things end soon after Rikishi hits the stink face on Nidia which is also funny.

Match rating - **

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Rey Mysterio ahead of his Cruserweight title match. Rey says some stuff in Spanish and Josh looks at him SO CONFUSED lol. Eddie Guerrero walks up and gets hyped up with Rey. <333333 I wanna CRRYYYY. Rey says he’s gonna bring gold back to the west coast. Eddie tells him to make everyone proud and don’t even think about coming back to the locker room without Cruserweight gold. LETS. GO.

Stephanie McMahon is backstage and runs into Vince snooping in her office. Steph confronts him about how he’s treating Zack Gowan. Steph says if Vince doesn’t give him a contract, she will. Vince gets pissed and says she better calm down. Vince says he has Stephanie a new assistant … Sable. Steph is immediately unhappy and reminds Vince that Sable sued them. She says all it takes for Vince is for a woman to put breasts in his face. Vince says Steph is just jealous of Sable’s looks. God I feel like this shit is about to get weird.

4) Matt Hardy (c) (w/ Shannon Moore & Crash) vs. Rey Mysterio - WWE Cruserweight Championship Match 

They built this match up really well and it’s super special & cool that it’s getting the main event spot on the show. That almost never happens for the Cruserweights. Mysterio sells the groin / upper thigh injury super well from bell to bell. Moore & Crash run interference and Hardy still can’t get the job done, even after a leg drop from the top. Hardy starts throwing a fit and Rey catches him in a jackknife pinning combo for the flash three count! Hell yeah! Great moment for Rey with his kids & wife at ringside. Cole also did a good job on the call.

Match rating - ***

Rey is the new Cruserweight champion and celebrates to close the show. This was such a great payoff for the Matt Hardy title reign. 

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