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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Monday Night Raw Review - June 9th, 2003

June 9th, 2003
Miami, Florida 

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (since 12/15/02)
Intercontinental Champion: Christian (since 5/18/03)
World Tag Team Champions: Rob Van Dam & Kane (3/31/03)
WWE Women's Champion: Jazz (since 4/27/03)

Commentary - Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler 


Triple H approaches Stone Cold Steve Austin in his office to start the show. He wants to know who the special ref for the Hell in a Cell Match is. Austin says H has to wait to find out just like everyone else. 


Yea! Goldberg is here to start the show. Oh, wait, it’s a match!

1) Goldberg vs. Rosey 

Jim Ross reiterates Rosey being 400 pounds like three times before the bell even rings. Chris Jericho shows up and sits in a chair at the top of the ramp to watch this unfold since he has to face Goldberg in 6 days at Bad Blood LIVE ON PPV. This is rocky, but they make it through. Jericho tries to interfere and fails. Goldberg wins.

Match rating - *1/2

2) Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree

This was actually a pretty fun RVD showcase. Dupree seemed to be in the right place at the right time for the majority of Van Dam’s offense and they had some decent counter spots / near falls. Van Dam played the hits, missed the five star and caught Dupree in a pinning combo for the victory.

Match rating - **

After the match, Sylvan Grenier runs down and they double team RVD. Kane doesn’t come for the save. 

Backstage, Austin & Bischoff spin the wheel to decide what the first event in the Redneck Triathlon at Bad Blood will be. It is deemed as a pie eating contest. 

Freddie Blassie memorial video package airs with everyone giving their thoughts and memories with the late legend.

RVD storms up to Kane backstage and asks him where the hell he was while he was getting jumped. Kane doesn’t say anything and goes to walk off. Van Dam says he needs to get his head straight. 

3) Jazz & Victoria vs. Trish Stratus & Ivory 

Another good effort from the ladies. They’ve really been on point these last few weeks. They get a fair amount of time to work and really lay it in here. The story here is Jazz saying Ivory’s win over her in the trios match last week is a fluke and the finish proves it isn’t as Ivory catches Jazz again to get the win for her & Trish. 

Match rating - **1/4 

Backstage, Chris Jericho approaches Christian. Christian says he has a spinaroonie contest against Booker T tonight. Jericho says he has to leave the arena before Goldberg shows up. Christian says that’s fine and not to worry about what happens in Miami because he’s gonna give them something they’ve never had.. a winner.

They replay clips from the Insurrextion PPV from over the weekend and pretend it was good. 

4) Scott Steiner (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. Lance Storm 

Test is on commentary for this. He ends up going to the ring to try and drag Stacy from ringside. Steiner & Test play tug of war with Stacy which allows Lance Storm to get the advantage on Steiner, but Steiner still wins. This was rough, as expected.

Match rating - *1/4 

Test cracks Steiner in the head with a chair after the match. Stacy covers Steiner so Test will stop beating him with it. Test corners Stacy and gets the mic and asks if he isn’t good enough for her anymore. Then he stops and pretends to apologize and says.. oh man.. do I want to even quote this? “You don’t have to be my girlfriend anymore, because this Sunday, I’m gonna make you my whore.” 

Back from commercial, Stone Cold comes out and introduces Mick Foley as the special guest ref for the Hell in a Cell match at Bad Blood on Sunday. Foley comes down to the ring and the cell lowers. He talks about his past in Hell in a Cell and how all he is here to do on Sunday is count the 123. Triple H comes out and says this match is none of Foley’s business because he’s not a wrestler anymore he’s just a regular guy with a regular life LIKE ALL THESE IDIOTS IN MIAMI. H tries to threaten / scare Foley into surrendering his position as the special ref. Foley refuses and H says he may just force him to be unable to be the ref if he doesn’t give up himself. Foley has until the end of the night to confirm or take back his decision to officiate the match. 

5) Randy Orton (w/ Ric Flair) vs. The Hurricane (w/ Shawn Michaels)

Helms is the perfect early opponent for Orton. This is fun for like two minutes. Michaels and Flair brawl outside when Flair tries to interfere. This allows Orton to hit the RKO for the first time ever and get the pin.

Meanwhile, HBK and Flair continue brawling. Flair is bleeding AGAIN. Guess the ol cut from Insurrextion got opened up again. God Flair is so willing to bleed at any time, even in a sub 5 minute segment, lmao. 

Backstage, Spike Dudley approaches Mick Foley and asks Mick if he really wants to referee the Hell in a Cell on Sunday. Spike is concerned and tells him to consider what he’s doing. 

JERRY LAWLER HOSTS THE FIRST EVER.. SPINAROONIE CONTEST. Ok, this was honestly a blast. Book makes Jerry do a spinaroonie. Christian says he looks like Curly from the Three Stooges LMAOOOO. Christian then asks if Miami likes PEEPERONI on their pizza.. FUCK LMAO. Christian does his dance and spinaroonie. Book does his and it’s obviously better. Christian attacks Booker after the contest. 

6) D-Von Dudley vs. Rodney Mack (w/ Theodore Long & Chris Nowinski) 

This is a mess. Teddy runs from commentary to interfere and it’s a cluster fuck. Just.. yeah. 

Goldberg is backstage for an interview with Terri. At a glance, I thought it was Albert LOL. Jericho runs up and hits him with a chair then runs off. Half of me likes how they’ve been doing this, the other half feels like they are making Goldberg look dumb as fuck because every week he’s just oblivious doing interviews and Jericho keeps fucking with him lmao. 

Austin is looking for Foley when we return from commercial. He seems concerned. He finds Foley and Austin says Foley looks scared and that he expects more from the craziest son of a bitch he’s ever been in the ring with. 

Triple H comes to the ring and the cell lowers around the ring. He wants Mick Foley’s answer now. Foley comes out and says H is right. He is an ordinary guy, now and he’s gonna return his ordinary life… on June 16th, the day AFTER BAD BLOOD. Foley is sticking to his guns and is gonna ref the match. Foley says that’s not all though, he knows H is gonna try to jump him tonight at his hotel or sometime before the PPV so he’s coming to the ring to take his ass whipping Now Hauwjwiweneun god damn. Foley and H go at it. Foley lays into Hunter at first only to take stair shots and chair shots in the end. He pedigrees Foley on a chair, but Foley keeps getting up and mocking H with a three count. H comes back and Flair & Orton join him. JR channels his inner crazy person and starts yelling BY GOD. So you know the save is coming and here comes SHAWN MICHAELS AND KEVIN NASH. They clean house and Nash stands tall as JR screams. I love this shit. 

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