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ROH TV Review - March 8th, 2014

ROH TV Review - March 8th, 2014

Last week on ROH TV, they aired the first part of the 12th Anniversary Show. This week, they aired the second part of the 12th Anniversary show which was headlined by Adam Cole vs. Chris Hero for the ROH World Championship!

1) Matt Taven vs. Silas Young

I had heard a lot about Silas Young, but never seen him compete and needless to say, I was impressed. Taven is an outstanding talent himself, but is less experienced than Young. Other than that these two are pretty equal. Althought they have different styles, they meshed very well here. Young has a physical, hard hitting style while Taven has a more highflying, fast paced style. Taven and Young put on a great match here. Awesome way to start the show!

Match rating - 7.75/10

2) Tomasso Ciampa vs. Hanson - ROH TV Championship Match

Hanson won the 2014 Top Prospect tournament a few weeks ago which earned himself a TV Title match. Ciampa being the aggressive guy he is charged in the ring and got right in Hanson's face from the start. The two men followed the Code of Honor before going at it in a very physical match. I'm already a fan of Ciampa and Hanson has been growing on me. Hanson continued to impress me here with a lot of unbelievably agile moves for a man of his size. The commentator said it best by saying "Wow! Hanson is my new favorite wrestler!" Ciampa took it to the newcomer, but Hanson kept fighting back. Very competitive and hard hitting TV Title match. Really enjoyed this one!

Match rating - 8/10

3) Adam Cole vs. Chris Hero - ROH World Championship Match

Before this match even began, the crowd was chanting "This is Awesome". The crowd ended up being correct as this match was awesome. Beyond being outstanding wrestlers, both men are skilled when it comes to storytelling and that continued to be shown here. Cole portrays his character perfectly. His reactions and expressions are priceless. One of my favorite moments was Cole taunting Hero by yelling "ADAM COLE BAY BAY!", but was soon cut off by Hero who lifted him up and yelled "ADAM COLE... IS DEAD!" before dropping him and nailing one of his massive signature elbows to the back of the head. Cole rolls to the apron and falls to ringside. The crowd begins chanting "You killed Cole!" Hero rolls a seemingly unconscious Cole back into the ring only for Cole to roll back out the otherside. Hero once again nails a huge kick on Cole on the outside, but Cole recovers and hits a german suplex on the outside! That was one hell of an exchange! The action spills back into the ring and picks up right where they left off. Hero gets Cole locked in a submission and forces him to tap out, but the referee was knocked out of the ring a few seconds prior so he doesn't see it. Cole ends up getting the win after hitting three consecutive german suplexes! Fantastic match!

Match rating - 8.75/10

Overall thoughts: After a few average episodes of ROH TV, they hit a home run here with an outstanding show that everyone should check out if they missed it. From the opening match to the main event it was all quality wrestling. Next week's show will feature Jay Lethal challenging Tomasso Ciampa. Really looking forward to that as they were involved in the amazing three way from last month. Awesome show tonight, check it out if you missed it. You won't regret it.

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