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TNA Lockdown 2014: Preview, Predictions, & Analysis

TNA Lockdown 2014 Preview & Predictions
Lockdown is coming up and it's a pretty awesome looking card. Every match will be contested inside the steel cage so that's just an added bonus. It looks to be a great night of wrestling. I'm honestly more excited for it than I am WrestleMania (so far).

1) Manik vs. Tigre Uno
This match should be FANTASTIC. For those who don't know, Manik wrestles under his real name, TJ Perkins in companies such as PWG and he's amazing. Tigre Uno is nothing short of great as well so seeing these two styles clashing should be fun to watch. Expecting a really good match here. Loving how the X Division is seemingly growing again. As far as who will win, it's a tough choice as this feud hasn't been built up, but I'm gonna go with Tigre Uno. Maybe TNA will start a storyline where Manik keeps trying to beat Uno, but can't.

Who I think will win: Tigre Uno

2) Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw
I really like the way the Anderson/Shaw feud has been built up. They've turned Shaw into this creepy character which is quite interesting. The thing with Christy Hemme has been brilliant as well. Anderson is a veteran and is a good guy to place Shaw in the ring with. An underlying theme of this PPV is pushing new talent by placing them in the ring with veterans and this is just the first example of that. I think Shaw wins here and gets a huge rub from Anderson.

Who I think will win: Samuel Shaw

3) Gunner vs. James Storm
Here we have another example of new talent going against veterans. This is a Last Man Standing Steel Cage Match. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. I'm expecting it to be a brutal, bloody battle. I didn't like how TNA flip-flopped Storm's turn, but I've been enjoying this feud for the most part in recent weeks. James Storm can tell a phenomenal story while in the ring and I expect this to be no different. Storm's feuds with his former partners have been some of his best (Chris Harris & Bobby Roode). I think Gunner will go over Storm here after a bloody bout and then both men will shake hands after signifying the end of the feud.

Who I think will win: Gunner

4) Kazarian, Christopher Daniels, & Chris Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada, & Nakanoue
Just look at the six names involved in this match and you already know that this bout could steal the show. If given the time, we could see a classic here. You've got three TNA veterans in Kaz, Daniels, and Sabin. All three of them are phenomenal wrestlers. Then you have three outstanding talents from Japan on the other team. That's a recipe for excellence. I'm very excited for this match. Especially since it's inside the cage. It should be awesome. I think Muta, Sanada, & Nakanoue will win. I'm thinking we will see a TNA vs. Wrestle-1 feud soon and this would be a good way to start it. Bad Influence & Sabin are great heels and they'd be a good group of guys to lead the charge.

Who I think will win: The Great Muta, Sanada, & Nakanoue

5) Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle
When I found out that Kurt Angle was injured and not able to compete in this match, I was so bummed. Then I thought, maybe this thing with Angle is a storyline and I think that's what it is. Although TNA has said Angle can't compete, I think it may be a work and we will still see this match. EC3 can't beat Angle cleanly yet, it's not believable enough yet. So having Angle come in with an injury would be a good way to let EC3 go over without making Angle look terribly weak. Plus it will lead to more between the two. Will do wonders for EC3.

Who I think will win: Ethan Carter III

6) Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim
Not that excited for this match, but it should be pretty good. I think Madison Rayne will retain here. Doubt they'd have her lose the belt this quick, but who knows - TNA only let the Wolves hold the belts for a week.

Who I think will win: Madison Rayne

7) MVP, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, & Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and The Bro Mans
Expecting a great match here. The only two guys in this match that I don't like are The Bro Mans. They just seem so out of place in there with all of the phenomenal talent in this match, but none the less, I'm all for pushing new talent so let's see what they can do. Regardless of that, MVP, The Wolves, Hardy, Aries, and Roode will make this match awesome. Can't wait to see it. I'm expecting Team MVP to win and a new chapter to begin in TNA Wrestling.

Who I think will win: Team MVP

8) Magnus vs. Samoa Joe
Magnus' title reign has been weak thus far. It's not his fault though. He's been booked HORRIBLY. He hasn't had one title defense without interference. We shouldn't have to worry about that here though as it's inside a steel cage. I don't necesarrily agree with having Joe as his first opponent though. Joe's an absolute beast and it'd make more sense to have him win here and then Magnus chase after the belt, but Magnus' reign has been terrible so far and there's no way not to have him win here. It's been some questionable booking, but the chemistry between these two is there so despite the stuff I've mentioned above, this should be a great match. They've certainly had some solid bouts in the past, hopefully they get more time and create a classic. Should be good stuff. I think Magnus will retain the belt here.

Who I think will win: Magnus
Final Thoughts: I think Lockdown will be a new beginning of sorts for TNA. They've had a rocky past year, but I think things are finally starting to turn around. Look at all the new talent on this card. The X Division is getting spotlighted TWICE on this card which is always good. You've got new additions to the roster such as Samuel Shaw getting a push and being placed with in an interesting storyline. The blood feud between Gunner and Storm will be coming to a boil. Plus the struggle for power continues (and hopefully ends) in the two main events. This is a PPV that has alot to look forward to on it. Hopefully TNA doesn't disappoint because this has the potential to be great!

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