Sunday, March 30, 2014

What WWE Needs to Do on the Final Raw before WrestleMania 30

The past few weeks have flown by and WrestleMania is only six days away. That means tonight is the go homeshow. The final episode of Monday Night Raw before the biggest show of the year. The last chance for WWE to make the audience want to order the PPV.

This means that WWE needs to deliver in every aspect tonight. They must have a strong show as it is their last big opportunity to sell the PPV to the WWE Universe. There are several things in particular that must be accomplished tonight in order to properly finish the build towards WrestleMania.

The first thing WWE needs to do is to make Brock Lesnar look as strong as possible. The last few weeks have consisted of Taker getting the upperhand. No one is going to pay just to see Taker beat another opponent. They've seen that 21 times already. Make Lesnar look as if he can beat the streak. If the audience doesn't think Brock has any chance of breaking the streak, they won't be inclined to order the show and see what happens because it would seemingly be predictable. WWE could do this simply by
having Lesnar beat down Taker in dominant fashion. No sneak attacks. A straight up beat down face to face. It's the only way to make Lesnar seem like a threat to the Streak.

Also on tonight's Raw, WWE must continue to make Daniel Bryan look like the underdog. There is money in making him look like the underdog because it makes people pay to see him get his hands on Triple H. A beat down as savage as a few weeks ago isn't needed, but something similar would work. Make Bryan look defenseless and unable to get his hands on Triple H. One thing WWE should NOT do is allow Bryan to make physical contact with Triple H. Make the audience pay to see Bryan lay a beating on him. Expect more brilliant heel work from Triple H tonight and maybe even a sneak attack on Bryan - if WWE is smart this is what they will do.

Speaking of WWE being smart, the way they have built the feud between John Cena and Bray Wyatt has been perfect. Tonight, they need to continue making Bray seem like a legitimate threat to the career of John Cena. Cena has already admitted that he was scared of Bray. That was a smart move in the build of this feud. Making Cena seem scared will cause the younger portion of the audience to beg their parents to order the show so they can see their superman prevail as always, but it also causes the adult portion of the audience to order because it looks as if Bray will finally be the guy to knock Cena off the top of the mountain.

On top of continuing to build those top three feuds, Raw needs to have a STRONG closing segment/match tonight. The final segment of the show is crucial to getting people to order the PPV. Batista vs. Randy Orton has already been announced for the show - it hasn't been said whether it will be the main event or not but I'd imagine it would.

I don't think that Batista vs Orton would be a good choice to close the show unless something happens afterwards involving Bryan and Triple H. WWE decided against Batista and Orton headlining Mania alone because of how the crowd would react so having them close the go home show before Mania wouldn't make sense.

I'm not sure what WWE has planned for the closing segment of tonight's show, but it must be a solid segment. Now isn't the time for experiments or flops - it's the time to pull out all the stops before the biggest show of the year.

If WWE does all of the things mentioned above, I think that tonight's episode of Raw will be a success. I'm excited for what will happen at WrestleMania 30. It's unpredictable for the most part and that's always a good thing. It makes people tune in to see what happens and sometimes leads to big surprises. Let's hope WWE gives us their strongest showing possible tonight to get us excited about the 30th Anniversary of WrestleMania.

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