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My Reaction to Brock Lesnar's Championship Victory + Who Should Dethrone Him?

At SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar changed the face of WWE by absolutely destroying John Cena and defeating him to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Many people were shocked that WWE allowed Cena to take a beating like that including myself. I knew that Lesnar winning the title was the right move, but wasn't sure whether or not WWE would go through with it. Thankfully, they did.

While Lesnar winning the title was a fantastic move by WWE, the real answer to the question of whether or not WWE will continue booking things correctly lies with who Lesnar drops the title to. I don't want to rain on everyone's parade because I'm stoked about Lesnar being the champion, but this could all be flushed down the toilet if he puts over the wrong guy. The Streak being broken, Cena being assaulted like never before - all of it will be ruined if WWE doesn't handle Lesnar's reign the correct way.

I'm expecting him to hold the title for a few months and face off against the likes of a returning Batista and the guy who never got his title rematch, Randy Orton. After these two feuds, I can see it being time for Lesnar to drop the title since he's not expected to hold it to WrestleMania.

Who should/will Brock Lesnar drop the WWE World Heavyweight Title to? That's the biggest question of all.

This is a decision that I hope WWE spends a lengthy amount of time pondering before rushing to a conclusion. Some names that quickly come to mind are Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Batista. While those are all big choices, I don't think any of them should be the one to end Lesnar's reign as champion.

Daniel Bryan is already a star, he's had his moment and is a solidified top guy. Same goes for Batista. His time is long gone and he can't benefit at all from defeating Lesnar. WWE needs to let a new, young star be the guy who dethrones Lesnar because it's the PERFECT opportunity to create a new top guy.

Someone who could REALLY benefit from beating Lesnar is Roman Reigns. While I agree that a new star like Reigns should be who dethrones Lesnar, I don't think Reigns is the right choice.

I enjoyed Reigns' work in The Shield. He has a phenomenal in-ring presence and a decent amount of hype behind him, but that's it. His mic work and in-ring skills are mediocre. He's visibly green in every aspect. That's not necessarily a bad thing because that can improve with time. However, the way WWE is booking Roman Reigns IS a bad thing.

Many people have criticized me for "turning my back on Reigns" since he separated from The Shield, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I like Reigns, but WWE pushing him to the moon much before he is ready makes me dislike him. WWE is known for shoving characters down our throat until we admit that they're top guys. They did that with John Cena by pushing him as a top guy a bit too early. Despite that, he's since developed into one of the best performers in the world.

With that being said, Reigns has a load of potential and could without a doubt become a top guy, but he is simply not ready for that role yet. That was showcased more than ever in his match with Randy Orton at SummerSlam. Orton carried the entire match only for Reigns to pick up the victory. For me, that match did more for Orton than it did for Reigns. It reminded everyone of how top notch of a performer Orton is, but at the same time it showed that Reigns isn't ready for that BIG main event push.

So, with Reigns, Bryan, Batista, and Orton all off the table, you're probably asking - who should dethrone Brock Lesnar? I have your answer - Cesaro.

Cesaro is the full package when it comes to in-ring ability. He's a strong, powerhouse athlete, but is also very agile. Cesaro isn't a one sided wrestler as he's quite versatile in the ring and showcases many styles. For that reason, he can have a good match with just about anybody. He's everything you can ask for in a wrestler and more.

Unfortunately to WWE, the paragraph I wrote above means nothing. They don't care if you're the best wrestler, you just have to have the presence of a star. Does Cesaro have that? Not quite yet, but it's something he can attain in a short amount of time.

If Lesnar ran through Batista and Orton in the coming months like I listed above, he and Heyman could make the argument that he will be champion forever because NO ONE can beat him. From the entrance area, everyone hears a voice say "I can." Out comes Cesaro who gets in the face of Lesnar and discusses his desire to become champion & how badly he wants to give Lesnar the beating of a life time. The crowd would LOVE it because someone is finally standing up to him.

It's already been noted that the WWE Universe wants to get behind Cesaro as he regularly gets "This is awesome" chants during his matches despite being a heel and when he was in the Real Americans earlier in the year, his swing became a hit with the fans. So having a guy with the dominant stature of Cesaro stand up against Lesnar would make him a top babyface in an instant.

Before moving on, I'd like to address the difference between Roman Reigns and Cesaro and why Cesaro should get this push and not Reigns. I want to address this because I'm sure some people are going to say "You picked Cesaro because he's from ROH & PWG and you're an Indy mark." And sure, I'm a fan of Cesaro's pre-WWE work, but if I didn't think he was ready for this push, I wouldn't say he was.

There are many differences between Roman Reigns and Cesaro. The first being experience. Cesaro has been wrestling for nearly 15 years. Reigns has only been wrestling for a few years. Cesaro has been all over the world to hone his craft. Reigns has only been in a WWE ring.

The second difference is the edge each man has over the other. Reigns has the star presence because of how he's been booked with The Shield while Cesaro has the amazing ability to put on quality matches because it comes to natural to him.

So technically, both men are missing something, but if you notice. Reigns is missing something that comes with time which is the ability to put on fantastic matches. Cesaro is missing something that can come simply from changing the way he's being booked. With that being said, it would be a far better choice to book Cesaro as a top guy thus giving him that star presence than to put Reigns in a big match that he can't deliver in.

It's simple as that. I just don't think now is the right time to pull the trigger on Reigns. He might be ready a year from now, but he needs work and can only get better with time.

For those reasons listed above, I think Cesaro is the perfect choice to dethrone the Beast Incarnnate, the man behind the breaking of the Streak, and the man who beat John Cena like no one ever has - Brock Lesnar.

Whoever ends up dethroning Lesnar will burst into superstardom and that is why I love this angle so much. WWE is setting up for a new top babyface to emerge and it's awesome to know that's on the horizon. I just hope WWE makes the right decision and chooses the correct person to propel to the next level, because if they don't pick the right guy, it could very well be a flop and this is WAY too big of an opportunity to screw up.

That's months down the road though so for now, all we can do is sit back, enjoy Lesnar's reign, and wait to see what happens. So with that being said, thanks for reading and feel free to tweet me your thoughts on this article @EthanPWT on Twitter! Also be sure to follow this blog on Twitter @ThePWTruth!

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