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PWG Sold Our Soul For Rock N' Roll Review

PWG Sold Our Soul For Rock N Roll DVD Review

Since this is one of PWG's most recent shows, I decided to post my review of it here instead of on my DVD reviews blog. However, I will be posting it there eventually. None the less, let's get into PWG's Sold Our Soul for Rock N Roll event which was held on May 23rd, 2014 in Reseda, CA!

1) Brian Cage vs. Roderick Strong
The show got off to a hot start with this hard hitting match up. Cage is a fucking machine and Roddy is just naturally stiff so this was bound to be great. The action never slowed down and it had many jaw dropping moments including Brian Cage hitting a 619! I had to replay that multiple times until I believed what I had just seen. Fantastic

opening match!

Match rating - 7/10

2) AR Fox vs. Rich Swann
As a big fan of highflying, I was stoked for this match and it didn't disappoint. Just like the opening bout, the action never stopped and was very fast paced. Beyond the action, hearing Steen talk about AR Fox's love for Ryback only for Fox to showcase it during the match which led to a "Feed Me More" chant starting, was just awesome. This could have been a classic if they were given more time, but it was extremely good for what it was. Great match!

Match rating - 7.5/10

3) Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae vs. Chuck Taylor & Trent?
The two most entertaining tag teams in PWG in one ring is a recipe for a fantastic match and that's exactly what this was. To start the festivites, Candice gives her lollipop to a fan as Excalibur raves about the fact that it was also in Joey Ryan's mouth. The hilarious stuff continued as Chuck Taylor refuses to face Candice LeRae because he's a Kentucky Gentleman and he doesn't lay his hands on woman. Trent refuses as well so Joey gets tagged in and we have a showdown between a Best Friend and a former Best Friend. Chuck ends up getting tagged in later on and is face to face with Candice so he runs to the back because he doesn't want to fight her. Trent is left alone against the World's Cutest Tag Team, but not for long. In moments, Chuck Taylor returns dressed as a woman. I guess that makes it okay for him to face Candice now because it went in and cleaned house even nailing her with Awful Waffle. Just extremely entertaining stuff as usual from these two teams and some great action too!

Match rating - 7.5/10

4) Alex Koslov vs. Rocky Romero
Johnny Gargano was originally scheduled to face Rocky Romero, but when Andrew Everett got injured, Gargano was chosen to replace him in the six man tag that will take place later in the evening. This led to Romero's opponent being his fellow Forever Hooligan tag team partner, Alex Koslov. These two have faced off multiple times in PWG and they always work well together, but this match wasn't that good. The crowd wasn't very into it and neither was I. Koslov and Romero put together a decent bout with a few good exchnages, but overall this is nothing more than an average bout. Nothing we haven't seen before from these two.

Match rating - 5/10

5) Ricochet vs. ACH
After their individual tag team partners faced off earlier in the evening, Ricochet and ACH now had their opportunity to shine and boy did they ever! Both men are among the best wrestlers in the world and they showcased that here as we saw a good blend of technical wrestling and of course, the highflying these men are known for. There were alot of speedy exchanges that left me speechless, but they did slow it down when they needed to so this wasn't a spotfest. Very well rounded, awesome match.

Match rating - 8.5/10

6) The Young Bucks & Kevin Steen vs. Cedric Alexander, Trevor Lee, & Johnny Gargano
Damn I love these six man tags that PWG has been putting on the past few months. I was mega excited for this one since Alexander and Lee made such an impact at Mystery Vortex 2. Speaking of that performance, they put in one that was just as awesome here as they once again proved that they belonged in PWG. Even though Gargano was a replacement for Everett, he worked well with Lee & Alexander. My favorite spot had to be when Gargano had one of The Bucks in a submission hold in between the top and middle rope meanwhile Trevor Lee runs and dives OVER them to the outside of the ring on Kevin Steen. Just epic stuff! Great performance from all six men here and the result was an awesome six man tag!

Match rating - 9/10

7) Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly - Knockout or Submission Only Match - PWG World Title Match
This feud has been boiling for nearly a year now and it's finally coming to a head. The long build has given this one a big time feel and I couldn't be more excited. Before the match, Cole got me even more pumped by saying the dickish line "I'm Shawn Michaels and you're Marty Janetty!" Man this feud is awesome. Needless to say, Cole and O'Reilly put on a match that lived up to the hype. This was a match FILLED with stiff strikes and submssions. Kyle's eye began swelling after a stiff shot from Cole early on, but it didn't hold him back. Both men fought hard and told a great story. Kevin Steen & The Bucks hit the ring, but Joey Ryan, Candice LeRae, Chuck Taylor, and Trent? hit the ring only to fall to Mount Rushmore. Kyle cleaned house on them however as he hit a big diving dropkicking off the apron onto Steen & The Bucks. Kyle runs back into the ring and is met with a superkick. Despite that, he fights back with stiff kicks to the head and locks Cole in the triangle choke/arm bar for the victory! Awesome match and as a big fan of Kyle O'Reilly, this was an amazing moment. The crowd exploded when Kyle won and chanted "You deserve it!" Kyle gave a very nice victory speech and showed his appreciation for PWG and the fans.

Match rating - 9.5/10

Overall thoughts: As usual with PWG, this was a great show. With the World Title changing hands, I'd say this is a must have for any PWG fan. On top of that, you get an awesome Ricochet/ACH match and a spot filled six man tag. Fox/Swann, Cage/Strong, and WCTT/Best Friends are all good additions to the show as well. The only weak match was Romero/Koslov, but that can be overlooked for all the other outstanding stuff on this show. I definitely recommend checking out this event.

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