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Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of August 11th, 2014

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of August 11th, 2014 
1.       Time Splitters (Alex Shelley @fakekinkade & KUSHIDA @Kushida_Canada)-The IWGP Junior Tag Team Champions get their first #1 ranking after defeating the ROH World Tag Team Champions on 8/10. It was a HUGE victory for the champs as they scored arguably the biggest win of the weekend over the top (again, arguably) the team with the biggest tag team titles in the U.S. Very few teams could claim the quality of opponents (reDRagon) as solid as Shelley & KUSHIDA. It was almost a full sweep by the official voters as Time Splitters were not any lower than #2 on anyone’s ballot. Time will tell if they can continue this hot streak! #5 in the online poll.

2.       Hot and Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack)-The wXw Germany Tag Team Champions grab their first ranking after defeating Keel Holding twice (in a straight up tag and 8 Man Tag) in one night on 8/8 to retain the titles. Those two wins actually snapped a 3 match losing streak for the team, but as the poll stated, prior to that, they had won 3 straight matches so they have now won 5 of their last 8 matches as a team. With some of the teams they’ve beaten this year, it’s likely you’ll be seeing them crack the Top 5 again before the end of 2014.
3.       Hystars (Atlas Hytower @AHytower & Lance Star)-How many times has this team popped up in the Top 5 in the last few months? The answer is 3 and they don’t show any signs of stopping any time soon. They are 5-0 so far as a team as they are dominating PWAS Detroit as tag champs. If they can really start adding some strength of competition with some established teams to their win list, a #1 ranking is still a very good possibility. They’ll need to keep winning in order to keep getting ranked and with 5 wins already together, an even stronger win streak could do wonders for them.

4.       Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels @facdaniels & Frankie Kazarian @FrankieKazarian)-Here’s a team that currently don’t hold any titles, though they do have an ROH World Tag Team Title shot coming up on 8/15 at ROH Field of Honor. A tag team title win there and it’s doubtful that anyone will be able to deny them the #1 spot. The win vs. The Young Bucks on 8/9 at ROH marked their 3rd straight win as a team. Considering their quality of opponents, a title win at ROH would almost guarantee their first #1 ranking. We’re definitely interested to see what happens, that’s for sure!
5.       The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter @BeardedBullys)-Are they the best tag team in the world? For those not yet familiar with them, names like The Young Bucks might be thrown out as an alternative answer to that question. Word to the wise…The Hooligans have already beaten The Young Bucks. Not only that, they’re currently sitting pretty (as pretty as a bearded bully can be) in the #1 spot in the Tag Team Top 50 and this #5 ranking will only add to that. They won one of the bigger matches of the weekend as they defeated Team Friday (B-Boy & Homicide) and Team IOU in a 3 Way on 8/10 at IWA Mid-South to finish the weekend with a 2-1 record (and 3 titles by the way).
People’s Champs. F1rst Generation (James Anthony @87JamesAnthony & Victor Andrews @Im_MrEverything)-The PWF and NEW RWC Tag Team Champions dominated the poll for most of the day until The Prestige closed the gap at the end of the day. In the end, it was too little too late and this hungry young tag team collected their first People’s Champs award.

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
                The Prestige-#2 in the online poll with 52 votes
                Honor Society-#3 in the online poll
                Corey Havoc & Dr. Hurtz-#4 in the online poll
                The Juicy Product
                Jamin Olivencia & Chris Silvio
                BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs
                Premier Athlete Brand                       
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