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ROH TV Review - August 16th, 2014

ROH TV Review - August 16th, 2014 - Kevin Steen's Farewell Night
The show opens with a promo from Kevin Steen hyping tonight's main event which is his final match in Ring of Honor before going to WWE. Good work from Steen as usual. He let Corino know that he wasn't going to go easy on him.

1) ACH vs. Tadarius Thomas
Here we have two former tag team partners facing off in a contest that I was excited to see. The bout starts off with a very impressive exchange. They are both outstanding athletes and they showcased that in the first few minutes of this match as we saw a variety of reversals & impressive manuevers that were super fun to watch. After the show returns from commercial, things have slowed down a bit which isn't bad, but the bout seemed to bit a get sloppy and lose some direction at this point. Luckily, they were able to turn it around with a fantastic finishing sequence that told a good story. This was a good match, but not quite as good as I expected. If you eliminate the sloppy/dull middle part of this match, this probably would have lived up to expectations. None the less, this was still a very entertaining match. Great start to the show.

After the match, a break up was teased as Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas acted as if they were going to strike Jimmy Jacobs and BJ Whitmer. It never happened, but the crowd reaction it got was pretty epic.

2) Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino - Steen's Farewell Match
Steen's handpicked final opponent is none other than long time partner and rival, the guy who helped him get into Ring of Honor, Steve Corino. Seeing Steen's entrance one last time with the amazing reaction he got from the crowd gave me chills. Just an awesome moment as the ring filled with streamers and "Mr. Wrestling" chants flooded the building. The match gets started and just like Steen said in his opening promo, he didn't take it easy on Corino and Corino didn't take it easy on him either. This was a good match and a fantastic farewell bout for Kevin Steen.

Afterwards, Steen helps Corino up and they hug. Out comes Jimmy Jacobs who hugs Steen as well only to give Roderick Strong and BJ Whitmer the opportunity to attack. Steen & Corino clean house on Strong & Whitmer however as Jacobs rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, ACH, and Cedric Alexander hit the ring to make sure The Decade stays away. The show goes off the air with Jimmy Jacobs yelling towards Kevin Steen "You know I love you, but you're leaving just like everybody else!" I always thought Jacobs was underrated on the mic and that statement backs it up. The Decade is really starting to grow on me.

Overall thoughts: As always with Ring of Honor TV, this was a good hour of wrestling. ACH/Thomas was highly entertaining despite having a few sloppy moments and Steen's farewell was awesome. Check this show out if you missed it.

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