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WWE Monday Night Raw Review - August 25th, 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw Review - August 25th, 2014

Last night's episode of Raw was one of the worst in a long time. It was visibly thrown together, there was no clear direction, and it wasn't entertaining at all. It was totally different from last week as we saw storylines change randomly right before our eyes.

Last week, Rusev was seemingly going into a feud with Mark Henry while Jack Swagger was looking towards a feud with Bo Dallas. This week, Rusev and Swagger are back as rivals while Mark Henry is back teaming with Big Show. They did continue the Swagger/Dallas feud a bit however, but regardless, that whole set of storylines is just a mess.

Last week, Roman Reigns is still in a heated rivalry with Randy Orton, this week, Orton isn't even on the show and Reigns is seemingly beginning a feud with Seth Rollins. Admittingly, that was the only exciting part of the show, but I couldn't get fully into it because it was clearly something put together last minute.

Last week, Bray Wyatt was still having problems with Chris Jericho and this week - Bray Wyatt was John Cena's punching bag. I mean, really?

Bray Wyatt has just came off the biggest victory of his career by defeating Chris Jericho cleanly and now WWE decides to have John Cena completely squash him? Where's the logic? How will you ever make new stars if they get pushed to the moon until they get to John Cena and they are slapped back down.

I do understand the logic in Cena doing what he did, but why make Wyatt the guy to take that beating? It kills all the momentum he had. It makes Wyatt look like just another guy who will never be on John Cena's level. It was an IGNORANT move.

Also, where was Chris Jericho? Him and Orton were missing from Raw without explanation. Probably because WWE didn't finalize the booking of the show until five minutes before it went on air. Two top stars like Chris Jericho and Randy Orton shouldn't just be mysteriously absent from the show. Ambrose got written off storylines and Lesnar is part time so it was clear why they weren't there, but Jericho & Orton just seemingly disappeared. Horrible booking.

The main storylines weren't the only things that were handled horribly last night, minor stories were ruined as well such as Heath Slater's winning streak. I personally find Slater Gator hilarious, but regardless of that, Slater was on a big winning streak as he held victories over Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. Well, last night that ended at the hands of... Los Matadores. What? The team nobody cares about beats the guy who beat Rollins & Ziggler? The guy who's actually more popular and entertaining than them? It'd be different if WWE capitalize on Los Matadores picking up this big victory, but they won't because the commentators barely even acknowledged it.

Speaking of the commentators, could they get any worse? I never thought I'd say Michael Cole was the best commentator right now, but it's the truth. JBL sits there all night spewing garbage in an obnoxious manner. On top of that, Cole can't get a sentence in without Bradshaw jumping over him starting an argument. Last night, Cole tried to move on with the show and promote Night of Champions, but JBL talked over him yelling something about "Who is this Roman Reigns guy throwing bricks out here" blah blah blah. It's just overly annoying and just like I tweeted last night, I wish there was an option to pay $9.99 to listen to Raw without commentary. It'd almost be worth it.

Despite all those negatives, there was one positive - turning Goldust & Stardust into heels. I wasn't sure whether it was the right move, but after some thinking, I really like the idea. Goldust & his brother's heel turn was booked excellently last night unlike the rest of the show. I look forward to see where it goes from here.

So, there you have it. My thoughts on last night's horrible episode of Raw. What do you think? Was I too harsh? Agree/disagree? Tweet me your thoughts on Twitter @ThePWTruth or @StylesClashx!

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