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TNA Impact Wrestling Review - August 7th, 2014

TNA Impact Review - August 7th, 2014 - Dixie Carter Goes Through A Table

Based off last week's amazing show, the momentum from then carried over to tonight as the crowd was just as hot as previous weeks. A Monster's Ball Match between Abyss and Bram opened the show!

1) Abyss vs. Bram - Monster's Ball Match
Great way to start the show with a hardcore bout between a new star and a veteran. Chairs and trashcans were used, but the big spots involved in thumbtacks and a barbwire board. Bram got chokeslammed into thumbtacks and took a nasty spill into them as his back was bleeding pretty badly. More than most thumbtack bumps I've seen. Bram fought back however and speared Abyss through a barb wire board to get the victory. Crazy match that did wonders for Bram, I'm really becoming a fan of him as of late.

Backstage, Samoa Joe and Low Ki had a confrontation about the three way bout they're involved in later tonight. Nice moment considering their history competing against each other in ROH, PWG, TNA & various other companies in the early-mid 2000's. Crazy to think that was all nearly a decade ago.

A nice segment took place here involving MVP, King, & Lashley who got interrupted by Bobby Roode. Roode said he was the only person who hadn't face Lashley and that he wanted a title match. The roof came off the place when he said that. Roode's promo was fantastic like usual, he really got me pumped to see him against Lashley if it ever does happen.

2) Mr Anderson, Samuel Shaw, & Gunner vs. Zema Ion, Robbie E, & Jesse G
Fun six man tag here. The highlight for me was the storyline involving the team of Anderson, Shaw, and Gunner. It's been booked very well and both guys have done an outstanding job with it. This was an all around good six man tag from the action to the storytelling.

3) Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow vs. EC3, Rhino, Snitsky, & Ezekiel Jackson
First off, I know his name isn't Ezekiel Jackson in TNA, but I have no idea how to spell his new name so we'll just go with Ezekiel. Anyways - this was exactly what I expected. Just an enjoyable brawl with multiple weapons used. It's not anything that will blow your mind, but its an enjoyable watch. Bully continues to tease putting Dixie through a table after the match. As always with these ECW vs. EC3 matches, EC3 is the star and that was the case here. He got busted open and this match did alot for him. By the end of this feud with Bully, he's going to be a full fledged star.

The Beautiful People came out next and Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell ended up coming out to set up a four way for the Knockouts Title next week. Decent segment. It accomplished what it set out to do, so no complaints from me.

4) Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki vs. Sanada - X Divsion Championship Match
As expected, this was the best match of the night. Great work from all three men. I hope we get some singles matches among these three over the next few weeks because they worked well together. That was expected with Joe & Ki, but Sanada fit in well with both men himself. Really good match. Joe is the new X Divsion Champion for the first time in many years!

At the end of the show, Dixie finally got put through a table and I enjoyed it WAY more than I expected haha. But the way the crowd reacted and how big of a bump she took put this segment over the top. Awesome moment, great way to close the show.

Overall thoughts: Another great showing from TNA here. The wrestling wasn't the focal point like last week, but this show was still just as good in my opinion. You had standout matches in Abyss/Bram and the X Divison Threeway, but you also had good storyline development in the Shaw/Anderson/Gunner story and the Knockouts. That combined with the unforgettable moment of Dixie Carter being powerbombed through a table by Bully Ray made this a quality show worth checking out. TNA's been on a role as of late. Excited to see whats next!

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