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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review - August 15th, 2014

WWE Smackdown Review - August 15th, 2014

Miz TV with Roman Reigns
The show opened with The Miz having Roman Reigns as his guest on Miz TV. Miz tells Reigns he's open for advice if he needs it. Miz keeps cutting Reigns off before he can say anything so Reigns punches Miz square in the face. That looked awesome! This was a fun segment as Miz did most of the talking and Reigns kept it short. This segment leads to Kane making a match between Miz and Reigns for later in the evening.

1) Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro
These two had an outstanding No DQ match a few weeks ago on Smackdown so I was really excited to see them lock up again. Ambrose & Cesaro have an undeniable chemistry together and that was showcased once again here. For the second time in the past month, these two produced a high quality match that garnered "This is Awesome" chants from the WWE Universe. Great match!

2) Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil
This was bound to be super entertaining and it was exactly that. You've got the best seller in WWE, Dolph Ziggler and the hilarious duo of Slater Gator
- what more can you ask for? Pretty short match here, but it was alot of fun while it lasted. It was pretty evenly matched as Titus got a chance to showcase his power and Ziggler sold his moves perfectly. Ziggler ends up fighting back and picking up the win. Very entertaining segment here. Slater Gator is gold and Ziggler was fantastic as usual.

3) Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs. Big Show & Mark Henry
After a good start, the show started to slow down here. This started off as Henry vs. Harper but turned into a tag match after Rowan interfered. This wasn't bad, but there was nothing interesting about it at all. I don't understand why WWE has decided to put Show & Henry together to run through all the current tag teams on the roster. It was Rybaxel last week and this week it was Harper & Rowan. Questionable booking. This was pretty dull until Show & Henry hit a cool combination move at the end where Show hit the KO punch and Henry followed it up with the World's Strongest Slam.

4) AJ Lee vs. Eva Marie
This was pretty much a carbon copy of what happened on Raw except AJ Lee attacked Paige instead of allowing her to be a distraction. It was pretty hype seeing them brawl for the first time. The only negative here is that Eva Marie got yet another victory (this time via countout) over AJ Lee.

5) Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas
Squash match just to keep Swagger looking strong going into his match with Rusev at SummerSlam. Rusev & Lana came out afterwards and cut a promo. Swagger stares Rusev down from the ring to close the segment. When they come back from commercial, they show a clip of Bo Dallas explaining why he lost. Bo says the "silly ref" thought he was tapping when in reality he was reaching for the ropes. Bo proceeded to reinact the whole thing which was pretty funny. I hope the rumors of Vince giving up on the Bo Dallas character aren't true because just like Slater Gator, Dallas provides funny segments each week.

6) The Miz vs. Roman Reigns
I didn't expect this to be good to begin with, but when I noticed that they only had 8 minutes to work with, I totally lost interest. Reigns taunted Miz to begin with by going for a punch to the face then Miz got the upperhand only for Reigns to recover and hit his series of moves which led him to victory. Dolph Ziggler came down and stopped Miz from running off near the end of the match which was pretty cool to see. The IC Title Match getting some hype in the main event segment of Smackdown is rare so it was nice to see, but this mainly just a showcase for Reigns. Nothing special, but it accomplished what it set out to accomplish.

Overall thoughts: Pretty basic episode of Smackdown. The first hour was highly entertaining as Ambrose & Cesaro tore the house down and Slater Gator provided for some comedy during Titus' match with Ziggler which was pretty fun. After that, this show just turned to filler as the random tag pairing of Show & Henry defeated another established team and multiple video packages & replays were shown to hype SummerSlam. All the matches in the second hour were pretty dull too as they were all just to keep things on the right track heading into SummerSlam. This show accomplished what it set out to do, but it wasn't that entertaining if you've been watching Raw every week for the past month because it was mainly just rehash. The only thing I'd say worth going out of your way to see is the match between Ambrose & Cesaro because it was very good. Aside from that, nothing noteworthy happened. Average show tonight.

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