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How WWE should book Brock Lesnar since breaking Undertaker's Streak

How WWE should book Brock Lesnar since breaking The Undertaker's Streak

Brock Lesnar made history last Sunday by becoming the only man to EVER defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It was a moment in which time seemingly stood still as the streak was broken. During this moment, people were filled with various emotions - shock, sadness, disbelief.

Despite the mixed reaction to Lesnar breaking the streak, what's done is done. Now the question is - how will/should WWE book Lesnar after making history? I think the answer is simple. WWE should book Brock Lesnar how they should have booked him when he returned in 2012.

When Lesnar returned to the WWE in 2012, the company completely ruined his return. He came back and dropped John Cena in the middle of the ring. He was looked at as an unstoppable beast. The crowd truly felt that Lesnar was the real deal. Then in his first match back, he lost to John Cena.

Words can't describe how aggravated I was with the outcome of this. Lesnar dominated the majority of the match. Beating Cena in a way he'd never been beaten before. The WWE Universe was in awe at how much of a beast Brock was. Then he loses. HORRIBLE booking.

When Lesnar got beat, hardcore fans still knew Lesnar was a beast. They were pissed at the outcome and knew it was just a case of bad booking. However, casual fans no longer felt that Lesnar was a legit threat because the superman of WWE took him out as soon as he came back.

The loss to John Cena truly destroyed the legitimacy that Lesnar had brought to WWE in just a few weeks of being back. Brock should have been pushed as an unstoppable monster. He should have been booked as what he truly is - a badass. An asskicker. The guy no one can find a way to beat.

When Brock Lesnar broke the streak at WrestleMania 30, I feel that it brought a whole new life to his run in WWE. It brings a legitimacy to Lesnar that hasn't been felt by the majority of the WWE Universe since the first few weeks of his return. This is why now is the time for WWE to make up for the lackluster way they booked Lesnar since his return.

Everyone now feels as if Brock is someone who can't be stopped. He destroyed Big Show at the Royal Rumble at then seemingly retired The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Those are both impressive feats. WWE needs to continue building Lesnar as an unbeatable beast.

I think the next feud Lesnar should have is against John Cena. Without a doubt, Lesnar deserves to get his win back. Just have Lesnar return before SummerSlam and say that he has conquered everyone in WWE from Triple H to The Undertaker only to be interrupted by John Cena. Cena can bring up the fact that he beat him in 2012 which will lead to a rematch between them.

A Lesnar/Cena rematch would do great business plus it's the perfect next step in building Lesnar's legitimacy to a whole new level. Of course, Lesnar needs to defeat Cena this go-round and continue on his path of destruction.

After defeating Cena at SummerSlam, I think WWE should continue putting Lesnar with veteran opponents that the Universe thinks can beat Brock. Another good rival for Lesnar would be Batista.

The Beast vs. The Animal screams PPV buys. The two powerhouses clashing would catch the attention of people inside and outside of the wrestling world. It would not only do good business, but would also be the perfect booking decision. After Lesnar defeated Show, Taker, and Cena all in the same year - Batista would be the only person left that the WWE Universe thinks can defeat Brock. As logic would entail, Brock would defeat Batista thus taking out the final person who everyone thought could dethrone him.

By this time, WrestleMania would be right around the corner and the man who dominated WWE in the previous year, Brock Lesnar, is without a match at the biggest show of the year. Lesnar comes out and issues an open challenge. Heyman hypes how big of an opportunity it is since Lesnar is now the immortal of WrestleMania since he defeated The Undertaker.

Just as Lesnar is about to leave because no one accepts - out comes Roman Reigns to accept Lesnar's open challenge for a match at WrestleMania! So at WrestleMania 31 it will be The Beast Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns!

I firmly believe this would be the perfect way to build Brock following his history making performance at WrestleMania. Let 2014 be the year of dominance for Lesnar as he defeats Show, Taker, Cena, and Batista then on the night his contract expires - Lesnar puts over the young powerhouse Roman Reigns.

It's good for Lesnar, good for business, and good for the future of WWE. You will redeem the wrong that was done by WWE when they horribly booked Brock's initial return, but at the same time you will create a new star. There's no better way to do it.

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