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ROH TV Review - April 26th, 2014

ROH TV Review - April 26th, 2014
The show opens up with the undisputed ROH World Champion Adam Cole. He is accompanied to the ring by Adam Cole. After Cole cuts a good promo on himself, he presents Matt Hardy with the title that Briscoe had been carrying around for months. Kevin Steen ends up coming out and talks about how he never got a rematch when he lost the World Title last year. Steen hits Cole, but Hardy jumps on him. Mike Bennett runs to the ring and the odds are too much for Steen as the three men beat him down. Cole, Hardy, and Bennett stand tall after a great opening segment. Steen and Cole are the two best Indy wrestlers today and they will clash for the ROH World Championship on May 10th!

1) Cedric Alexander vs. BJ Whitmer
I'm really enjoying the whole Decade storyline. Especially the Alexander/Strong feud that's been brewing for weeks now. I'm a big fan of Alexander so it's exciting to see him getting pushed in Ring of Honor. This was a solid match up. It had one botch that slowed the pace a bit, but it was still very enjoyable overall. The stuff that happened afterwards with Adam Page holding Alexander while Jacobs delivered a phenomenal heel promo mentioning Alexander's family was great. Jacobs then smeared his foot into Alexander's face and told him to lick the dirt off of his boot. Strong then kicked Alexander square in the face before delivering a backbreaker on him. Wonderful storyline development.

2) ACH vs. Andrew Everett
Once again we have a match that involves The Decade as Jimmy Jacobs is at ringside. Everett and ACH put on a very entertaining high flying bout as expected. This match was loads of fun. The storyline development was superb here as well. It seems as if they are teasing Tadarius Thomas turning on ACH to join The Decade. I could definitely see that happening and I wouldn't oppose the idea. As mentioned above, I'm really enjoying the storyline involving The Decade feuding with younger talent. Excited to see where it goes and if ACH, Thomas, or Everett will join The Decade and which of them will side with Alexander to go against The Decade.

3) Jay Lethal vs. Alex Koslov - ROH TV Title Match
This was Lethal's first title defense since becoming the TV Champion for the second time and aligning with Truth Martini. I don't mind the Lethal heel turn as it's a nice change of pace for him, but I've never been a fan of Truth Martini so I had mixed feelings about it. None the less, this was a very good match despite it ending in a DQ finish after Matt Taven ran down to attack Truth, but Lethal separated them. Security comes out to restrain Taven as the show goes off the air. The TV Title picture is hot right now and this was a perfect example of that. Koslov and Lethal meshed well together so I hope Koslov gets another title shot in the future since this one ended unjustly.

Overall thoughts: While there weren't any outstanding matches on tonight's show, the storyline development was superb. Every segment and match meant something. There are alot of intriguing storylines going on in ROH right now and many of them were featured tonight. From the World Title picture to The Decade to the TV Title picture - it was all showcased tonight in entertaining fashion so that's nothing I can complain about.

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