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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review - April 25th, 2014

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review - April 25th, 2014
The show starts with a hilarious 'debate' between Paul Heyman and Zeb Colter. As you would probably would expect with the names involved, this was a phenomenal segment. The two bickered back and forth for several minutes before trying to fight each other, but Cesaro and Swagger held back their respective managers.

1) Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger and Cesaro are two outstanding athletes. They know each other very well since they are former tag partners so this was bound to be great. Needless to say, it was a really good match. Thankfully they got a good amount of time and were able to have a very competitive match up. Cesaro gets the win after hitting the neutralizer on his former partner.

Match rating - 7.75/10

After the match, The Shield hit the ring and

assaulted Jack Swagger. This means that they'll have to face one less man later in the night as an 11 on 3 Handicap match was announced earlier in the show.

2) Tamina vs. Natalya
Both of these women are very talented in the ring so I expected this to be good and it was. Before the match, a great Paige video package was shown that I think everyone should take a look at. Shows how much the title means to her. The video led to highlighting how her match with Tamina at Extreme Rules was arranged. I hope they have some sort of interaction before they face off. But back to this match. It was a decent encounter. Much better than what we've gotten from the Divas in the past, but still nothing above average. Enjoyable match.

3) Curtis Axel vs. Jey Uso
Quick match up just used to further the feud between Rybaxel and The Usos. I've recently become a fan of Rybaxel and I wouldn't mind seeing them become tag champs in the future. This match wasn't anything special but it served it's purpose.

Bray Wyatt delivered an awesome promo at the top of the second hour. Wyatt continues to top himself each week. As with nearly every Bray promo, you need to check this out if you missed it.

4) Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
Very fun and fast paced tag match here. Rhodes & Goldust continue to deliver quality performances with alot of high flying moves each match. Harper & Rowan held up on their end as well. Went about ten minutes and was very enjoyable.

Match rating - 7/10
The Shield targeted Fandango next as they met him at the top of the stage during his entrance. They proceeded to triple powerbomb him off the stage through a table! Awesome stuff!

5) The Shield vs. Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow, Wade Barrett, Ryback, & Titus O'Neil
Although this was a handicap match it was still really good. The Shield always deliver awesome matches and this was no exception. The ending sequence was phenomenal as Del Rio and Barrett left the ring so Rollins cut a flip out of one side of the ring onto Ryback then he and Ambrose dove out onto Titus and Sandow. Meanwhile Reigns somehow made his way up to the ramp and nailed Del Rio with a superman punch! Crazy stuff. This was a great, entertaining way to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Solid episode of Smackdown tonight. If you missed it, nearly everything is worth checking out. The only thing I would skip is the Axel/Uso match. The rest of the show is pretty good.

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