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Indy Power Rankings for the Week of March 31st

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of March 31st, 2014
  1. Melvin Maximus-The OVW TV Champion is unstoppable! He grabs his first ever #1 ranking after rattling off 23 straight wins! He joins Rockstar Spud and Randy Royal as previous OVW TV Champions to get the elusive #1. He’s been absolutely “Marvelous” during this run and this past week he defeated Clint Poe and Elvis Pridemore to continue that run. While he may be a fairly regional name in the Kentuckiana area, the amount of wins he’s racked up had the voters taking notice this week. Congrats to him. #5 in the online poll.
  1. Chris Hero-This week “Chris is awesome” once again. After 3 big victories vs. Tommaso Ciampa at PWG on 3/28, Chris Masters at IWF on 3/29, and Tyson Dux at SMASH Wrestling on 3/30 to go 3-0 on the weekend, he makes his way to the #2 spot this week. It’s his 2nd highest ranking to date as he was #1 just 2 weeks ago before falling out of the Top 10 completely. The EVOLVE Champion has really improved his win-loss record as of late (winning 8 of his last 10 matches) and if this continues, you’ll be seeing his name a lot more in the Top 10. #2 in the online poll.
  1. Tommy End-“The Anti-hero” had a MAGICAL weekend with what he accomplished. He was a fantasy wrestling player’s dream come true as he defeated Mark Andrews at SWE on 3/29 and followed that up, by defeating The Starbux for the SWE Tag Team Titles, then defeated IPW: UK Champ Paul Robinson at PROGRESS on 3/30, and finally capped off the weekend with more gold by winning the ICW Tag Team Titles in a Ladder Match vs. The Buck Boys. He was a perfect 4-0 on the weekend. He has won 12 straight matches and his record is now 12-2 in 2014. There’s very little more you could ask from a competitor than what he did this week and he DESERVES his high ranking.
  1. Matt Cage-After several week away from the Top 10 (and Top 5 for that matter), “Money” gets in again this week after going 3-0 as the SCW Heavyweight/AAW Heritage Champion defeated Marek Brave on 3/29 to retain the Heritage Title for a 4th time as champion. He then went to the Beyond Sleeper Cell taping and defeated Willie Richardson and Serge White. The former #1 has been OWNING the Midwest in 2014.
  1. Dylan Drake-After being ranked #6 last week, “The Golden Boy” is back again! He is now 3-0 the last 3 weeks after making Buddy Royal tap out at PREMIER Wrestling on 3/30. With as much competition as there was this week, making the Top 10 with just one match and one victory is a hell of an accomplishment for this up and coming West Coast star. People’s Champ for the 2nd time in 3 weeks as he was #1 in the online poll.
  1. Ryan Howe-FINALLY he gets some of the respect he rightfully deserves. While he didn’t garner strong support in the online poll, the official voters saw what he’s been accomplishing lately and showed their appreciation with a lot of votes his way. He defeated Raul LaMotta on 3/26 and Paredyse (by DQ) on 3/29. Aside from the Nightmare Rumble, he has not lost since 12/11/13. He has won over 19 matches since then. No one has been more deserving of a Top 10 ranking recently than him and he finally breaks through.
  1. Arik Royal-“Big” Arik Royal jumps back into the Indy Power Rankings as he defeated Marcellus King to once again retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight title for get this…a 23rd time! Yes, he has 23 successful title defenses and shows no signs of stopping. He has held the title since 12/29/12, dominating all the competition.
  1. Shane Hollister-The AAW Heavyweight Champion returns to the Indy Power Rankings on the strength of a HUGE victory over last week’s #2 (and 2013 IPR 100 #1) Michael Elgin on 3/29. As champion, whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect his ability to meet some of the biggest challenges and come out victorious. This week was no different.
  1. Nikki Storm-Voters gave this import a lot of respect this week as she was 2-0 on the weekend with wins vs. Angel Dust and Hania The Howling Huntress at AIW on 3/29. She has won 8 straight matches overall with a record of 8-1 in 2014.
  1. Athena-What a week for Athena! She defeated Mia Yim on 3/29 and then followed that up by defeating Allysin Kay for the AIW Women’s Title that very same day. She is now 3-1-1 in 2014 and holds one of the most prestigious women’s titles in North America. #8 in the online poll.
Honorable Mention. Marcus Anthony-OVW Heavyweight Champion went 2-0 this week to continue his impressive string of victories.
Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
Andrew Everett
Ron Mathis
Brian Cage
Jack Thriller-#3 in the online poll
Roderick Strong
Thunderkitty-#4 in the online poll
Ricochet-#7 in the online poll
Veda Scott
Uhaa Nation
Jack Jester
Michael Elgin
Benjamin Kimera
Grado-#6 in the online poll
Jimmy Havoc
Prince Devitt-#10 in the online poll
Jaxon James
Jeremy Leary
Scotty McNair
Scotty O’Shea
Elvis Aliaga
Chris Kadillak
Chase Owens
Jordan Blake O’Neal-#9 in the online poll
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