Sunday, April 27, 2014

TNA Sacrifice 2014 PPV Predictions

Tonight is the night. TNA presents us with their PPV event, Sacrifice. There are several solid matches on the card and the event has potential to be very good. Below I review each match and give my thoughts on the story surrounding them as well as where each wrestler will go from here.

1) The Wolves vs. The BroMans - TNA World Tag Team Title Match
After months of feuding, I think The Wolves will finally win the titles tonight. I believe it will be the beginning of lengthy tag team title reign for The Wolves. I also hope there is some tension in The Bro Mans coming out of tonight as I would like to see Zema Ion venture back into the X Division.

Who I think will win: The Wolves

2) Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw
I've really enjoyed this feud in recent weeks and this will seemingly be the final chapter of it. Samuel Shaw continues to get better at portraying his character. He definitely has a bright future in TNA and the next step towards that is defeating Mr. Anderson tonight at Sacrifice.

Who I think will win: Samuel Shaw

3) Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love - TNA Knockouts Title Match
With the way the Beautiful People have been built up since returning, I think Angelina Love will win the Knockouts title here. This is perfectly fine by me as there is more money in the face chasing the heel for the title. It would be the best route for TNA to take in this storyline and if they're smart, that's what they will do.

Who I think will win: Angelina Love

4) Sanada vs. Tigre Uno - X Division Title Match
The first two matches in their series have been rather short so I hope they get more time to work with here. Especially since it's a PPV. When the Best of 3 series was announced I expected this to be a way for Sanada to drop the title without looking weak and I'm sticking with that prediction. Tigre Uno will defeat Sanada to become the new X Divsion Champion.

Who I think will win: Tigre Uno

5) James Storm vs. Gunner - I Quit Match
I'm expecting a very brutal match to end this feud that has been going on for months. I've enjoyed this feud for the most part, but it feels like it's been going on for ages. Despite that, this should be a good match. It's hard to predict who will win, but I'm gonna go with Gunner. Putting the young guy over makes sense here.

Who I think will win: Gunner

6) Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray - Tables Match
What's funny is I saw this exact match at a live event a few weeks ago and now it's on PPV haha. It was a good match then and I expect the same here. Bully Ray will come out with the victory here and the feud will continue. There's no way they'll end the feud this early and especially not with a Tables Match.

Who I think will win: Bully Ray

7) Kurt Angle & Willow vs. EC3 & Spud
This is an intriguing match up. I can't wait for the Angle/EC3 match to finally happen and I think this bout is just to prolong that bout. Considering that, I think EC3 & Spud will get a cheap victory here over Angle. Hopefully this leads to the Angle/EC3 match we were supposed to get at Lockdown. As for Willow, I hope he goes into a feud with Samuel Shaw. The creepy characters will make for quality television.

Who I think will win: EC3 & Spud

8) Eric Young vs. Magnus - TNA World Championship Match
Young just won the title a few weeks ago so in my mind I don't see him dropping it this quickly. I think Young will retain the title and go into a feud with Samoa Joe. As for Magnus, I see a feud between him and Abyss on the horizon. Taking that into consideration, I think Abyss will interfere causing Magnus to lose here. Regardless of whether there's interference or not, I think Eric Young will emerge victorious here with his title intact.

Who I think will win: Eric Young
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