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WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 DVD Review

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 DVD Review
Since I wasn't able to see this PPV when it originally aired last month and I've heard tons of great things, I decided to pick it up for myself. With it being WrestleMania weekend, I figured now would be a good time to review it since it was the final PPV before Mania.

1) Big E vs. Jack Swagger - Intercontinental Championship Match
Both of these guys have amateur wrestling backgrounds so I expected this match to be really good and indeed it was. Swagger and E are both hard hitters so this bout was very physical. We saw new moves from both men such as spear from E knocking Swagger out of the ring and Swagger running up to the top rope and delivering a belly to belly suplex on Big E. This was a great match and way to start the show.

Match rating - 7.75/10

2) The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos - Tag Team Championship Match
While the ending to the match was cheap, the match itself was very fun to watch. The Usos put in a great performance as always while the New Age Outlaws hung right there with them. Solid tag team match with some good action. It was fast paced while The Usos had the upperhand, but slowed down to an oldschool pace when the Outlaws took control.

Fun match, but the finish was cheap.

Match rating - 6/10

3) Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young
I'm a big advocate for Titus as I feel he has all the tools to be a World Champ. Darren is also an exceptional talent in my opinion, quite underrated. This was a good match, but the crowd not being into it really hurt it. The crowd was quiet for the majority of the time apart from the occasional random chant and a light "Let's Go Titus" chant. The in-ring action was solid, but the little-reaction from the crowd did hurt the way it came off on TV.

Match rating - 5/10

4) The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family
The clash between the two most dominant trios in WWE had alot to live up to, but The Shield and The Wyatt Family lived up to and exceeded everyone's expectations. What else can I say? This was an amazing match. The build towards it was perfect. You know you've got something good on your hands when the crowd is chanting "This is Awesome!" before the two teams even lay hands on each other. This was a classic case of phenomenal wrestling with outstanding storytelling. If you missed this match, watch it as soon as you can. Worth going out of your way to see as it's easily the best match so far this year. These two teams continue to compete on a whole nother level than the rest of the roster.

Match rating - 9/10

5) AJ Lee vs. Cameron
Originally, AJ was scheduled to face Naomi, but she got injured. So unfortunate. Naomi is easily the most athletic Diva on the roster so I was looking forward to seeing her face off with AJ. None the less, this was an okay match. They didn't do anything wrong, but the crowd was so burnt out from the epic Shield/Wyatt match. Decent bout in which AJ continued to showcase why she's the best all around diva on the main roster. The crowd's lack of interest hurt this one though.

Match rating - 4/10

6) Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio
I don't think anyone was looking forward to this match and that is one of the reasons this was a flop. I honestly feel bad for Del Rio. Just a few short months ago he was the World Heavyweight Champ and top guy on Smackdown now he's just Batista's toy so to speak. The only time the crowd reacted here was when Del Rio would get some offense in. Boring match in which everyone knew what the outcome would be.

Match rating - 4/10

7) Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Christian - Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship
After two cool-down matches, we get back to the good stuff. This was easily the best Elimination Chamber match in years. Every man put in a strong performance and no one got eliminated until all six men were in the match. There were numerous awesome spots such as Cesaro setting up Christian for the swing only for Cena to crossbody him which catapulted Christian into the top turnbuckle. Another great moment was Christian doing a frogsplash off the top of the Chamber pod. The exchanges Cesaro and Sheamus had throughout this match were epic as well. This was an all around awesome match and great main event. Only thing that sucked was the ending as Bryan got screwed once again. Despite that, this was an outstanding match. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Match rating - 9/10

Overall thoughts: Despite the fact that there are two matches on here rated below a five, I think this was the best PPV since SummerSlam. You had two awesome matches (The Shield/Wyatt Family & Chamber Match) and some great midcard action (Big E/Swagger). Those are three matches that are worth watching. For that reason, I recommend getting this PPV on DVD if you missed it. Three outstanding matches plus the fact that this is the last PPV before the Network was launched makes this an easy thumbs up from me. I recommend.

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