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TNA Impact Wrestling Review - April 3rd, 2014

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - April 3rd, 2014

1) Bully Ray & Willow vs. Bobby Roode & EC3 - Tables Match
The show starts off with a bang as these two teams clash in a tables match. It was a very entertaining and fast paced opener. Bully continues to impress me with how good he still is while Willow is.. intriguing to say the least. On the other side, you've got two guys who have the It factor in Bobby Roode and EC3. All four men put in a solid effort and it resulted in an awesome opener. Roode went crazy afterwards putting Bully through three tables. I'm so excited to see where this Bully/Roode feud goes. It has the potential to be amazing. This was a great way to start the show.

Match rating - 8/10

2) Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw - Strait Jacket Match
First off, Samuel Shaw is really impressing me lately. His gimmick is different and he cut a great promo here. The stuff they are doing with him is quality TV. The feud between him and Anderson seems to have been going on forever, but none the less these two personalities put on an entertaining match. It wasn't quality wrestling per say, but it was enjoyable. Anderson is loaded with charisma and Shaw plays her character perfectly. The little things are what made this good.

Match rating - 6/10
Next up is the first match in a Best of 3 series for the X Division Title between Senada and Tigre Uno. Before the match begins, Kenny King comes out and cuts a PHENOMENAL promo. I've been a fan of his in-ring work for years, but had no idea he was this good on the microphone. I've come to the realization that Kenny King is the full package. This segment proved it. He went back and forth with MVP before finally talking him into Exhibition Match later in the night.

3) Senada vs. Tigre Uno - Match 1 in a Best of 3 Series for the X Division Championship
As always these two outstanding talents put on a very good match. It didn't last long, but I have a feeling these guys are going to get a longer amount of time later in the series and it could very well be a classic. Not to dump on this match though because it was really good. Watching these two exhibit their great in-ring abilities is always entertaining. Senada's suplex at the end was epic. Really good match.

Match rating - 7.5/10
At this point in the show, Magnus brought Abyss out in a suit and basically buttered him up to helping him in the 4 Way tonight.

4) Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne & Brittany
The Beautiful People are back in action! Rayne's partner is the new Knockout Brittany who asked for the opportunity to team with her. Brittany continues to impress me as she put in a good performance here. This was a solid women's tag match, but nothing special. Enjoyable contest. Interested to see where they go with the Rayne/Brittany thing since Brittany tagged herself in only to get pinned.

Match rating - 6/10

5) MVP vs. Kenny King - Exhibition Match
Tazz didn't even know how to explain what this was, but needless to say it was fun to watch. King and MVP traded various holds for several minutes before breaking out into a fight which caused Earl Hebner to ring the bell. King's loaded with charisma and he did a great job here. Referees had to come out and separate the two. After the match, King is cutting a promo backstage when MVP attacks him. This time, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards break them up. Looking forward to more between King and MVP. They work well together.

6) Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young vs. Abyss - World Championship Match
As usual with fourways, this was really good and fun to watch. Young and Joe were the highlights of this match for me. Young is highly underrated in the ring and Joe is just amazing. While I didn't agree with the finish as it continued to make Magnus look like a weak champion, I enjoyed the match. It's honestly probably the best title defense Magnus has had as there was no interference. Still didn't like having Abyss basically give Magnus the victory though. Really good match none the less. Solid main event.

Match rating - 8/10
Overall thoughts: I really enjoyed the show tonight. The opening tag match, X Division Match, and the stuff with Kenny King & MVP were the highlights of the show for me. The other stuff was solid as well though. The main event was really good. Unlike most of Magnus' previous title defenses, it wasn't loaded with interference which was very refreshing. I'm really digging the youth movement so to speak in TNA. Lots of new faces coming to life and the veterans are still kicking on all cylinders. It was a good show, probably one of the better ones so far this year. So if you missed it, I'd recommend checking it out.

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